The diversity of software that is used and learned in this formation, supports the most solid bases to facilitate the best tools to the students.

Software to design, draw, model and animate in 2D and 3D

Tool for modeling, animating and rendering with a great flexibility of resources to develop and design premium video games, television studios, architectural visualization, modeling interiors and objects, animating characters and providing visual effects with all the features needed to achieve a creation with a great level of detail.

Design program that works from vector graphics with the function of artistically creating graphics on the web, logos, icons, illustrations by books, and any work of various sizes, as well as technical digital editing.

Application of excellence insofar as it allows customers to design and create hyperrealistic 3D objects by creating textures by assets, shapes, color with many details, by film projects, video games or by the ArchVIZ market.

Library that allows access to many resources scanned using the photogrammetric technique. We can find resources with various three-dimensional geometric shapes, scanned surfaces and transformed into materials by rendering engines, atlas elements, among others, to create content.

It allows you to work on 3D modeling and texturing by sculpting and painting geometry digitally, with a great level of detail through intuitive and tactile tools.

It serves as an animation program, modeling, simulation, development of 3D graphics, which allow you to create effects for movies, television and digital games.

Editor that is part of the Adobe Systems software. It is used to make graphic design and digital image editing, allowing it to be included in animations, compositions, etc.

Program for 3D sculpture, sculpture and digital painting. This allows you to sculpt as if it were a mass of digital clay, to model shapes and create people and any character we want to insert in 3D in our projects, movies, video games, etc.

Tool that facilitates the design of 3D clothes for video games, animations, etc. The detail and the quality of the textures are worked in depth.

Creation of 3D models from various images made with one or more cameras.

Software VR & AR

Software Development Kit (SDK) used to build augmented reality (AR) applications, which from the use of magic lens can interlace elements of the real physical world with virtual elements (models, blocks of letters, images, etc. by the engine Unity video game, where you can watch it from the screen, stands out for its accuracy, creative empowerment and advanced vision.

State-of-the-art game engine, a tool for real-time 3D creation and advancement. It also offers freedom and control, interactive experiences and a virtual world to its creators.

ARCore is the software development kit that Google has programmed to create augmented reality (AR) applications in version 1.7 for Android devices. This digital platform has developed UI tools, a creative canvas and support for eight mobile devices, improving the realism of scenes and selfies and animations, thanks to the company Mountain View.

Software to create information architectures, advanced prototypes and export them to accessible formats. It offers the possibility to design prototypes and specifications for websites and applications, introducing codes in common language. Therefore, it generates HTML websites for collaboration and teamwork, among others. Customers have a library of resources by dragging, assigning actions, forming widgets, as well as sharing prototypes with other users.

Augmented reality (AR) technology by systems of the multinational company Apple, which uses data from the cameras and sensors of the devices to combine the virtual and physical objects of the environment.

Engine to create cross-platform games and 2D and 3D interactive experiences. Creators often use it in the development of AR applications that contribute to issues in society: health, education, etc.

Official integrated development environment for the Android platform, which offers its users the fastest tools making it possible to access the SDK tools from the command line, to create applications for Android devices. Previewing the development of applications on different smartphones and tablets to see how the edited code looks, and you can publish them.

Platform to create multiplatform simulations and interactive 3D experiences. Augmented or Mixed Reality to develop different work tools for: engineering, health, leisure, education, research and a whole range of proposals in different fields and sectors.

Software for Post-production & VFX

Node-based program whose main function is the creation of visual effects and 3D animation by professionals, thanks to the use of Computer Graphics tools such as 3D modeling.

Multimedia application that allows you to create, edit, split and produce high quality videos, including 360 ° video editing and display with VR dark circles. The App gives the ability to incorporate music, multichannel audio and visual effects, available for Apple Inc. devices. In addition, you have access to music effects, sound effects, transitions, color aspects, rendering engine, 3D title movie templates with built-in backgrounds and animations.

Node-based program developed by Digital Domain, allows you to make compositions and visual effects used in post-production.

Non-linear video and movie editing (NLE) software, which allows offline and online editing, with excellent quality of uncompressed SD video, HD, 2K, 4K, Ultra and 8K, you can work offline, great storage space, no need to copy and encode videos, many visual effects and color possibilities, and you can back up in clouds.

Non-linear video editing (NLE) with option to synchronize audio, timeline editing tools, transitions, etc. The program stands out for being one of the best tools for color correction based on unlimited nodes, and for the ability to review, search for metadata, copy, move, encode clips, etc. It may sound simple, but it contains 4 pages – Media, edit, Color and Deliver.

It aims to be able to apply visual effects and animation graphics in titles, credits, introductions and combine images and videos, creating nuts, or making use of add-ons to reduce the workload. Compatible with other Adobe software.

2D animation program for audiovisual productions, series or video games. Adobe Animate is a professional proposal for the creation of two-dimensional content that is growing a lot in the animation sector.

Industry-leading video editing software for movies, TV and the Web. This is compatible with working with other Adobe services and applications to create better quality files, editing with any format, even virtual reality.

Developed by bandlab. Professional audio and music editing with functions for Windows and Mac. Its most relevant functions are to record, edit music, voice, cut, hook, mute, compress, amplify, add echo effects, etc. Editions support many audio and music file formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, GSM, among others. It also contains a library with hundreds of free sound effects and music clips.

Industry-leading audio editing software. This is compatible with working with other Adobe services and applications to create better quality files, editing with any format, even virtual reality.

Management and organization – Collaborative work

Platform that facilitates collaborative work with a control of all Git versions that have been carried out mainly by the creation of source code of computer programs.

Application that facilitates the management or organization of projects and personal and professional tasks from boards, lists and cards, which allow you to indicate what the priorities are in a more graphic way, from collaborative or individual work.

Software that facilitates project planning and management to optimize productivity, enhance collaborative work and contribute to business profitability.

logo Jira

Microsoft toolkit recognized as an integrated development environment, mainly for developing applications such as video games and graphics for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and web services of the .NET platform, which allows you to write code quickly, editing , schedule, debug, etc.

Free software for writing movie, video, theater, radio, storyboard, video game, podcast, etc. scripts. allows you to organize production calendars, pre-production, among others, also designing with the possibility of incorporating audiovisual files and collaborating with other online projects, etc.

Google platform that leaves available to its customers a wide range of products online in a structure conducive to collaborative work between agents, and the willingness to obtain an unlimited educational account. Some of the tools are: Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts, etc.