VFX & Cinematics Master

Sant Marc’s own master that offers Online training on our Campus, the course is the perfect additional program to the Higher Level Training Cycle (CFGS ISE1).

High practical training with Houdini, After Effects, Nuke & Cara VR, deepening Matte Painting’s, Motion Capture, Kinect Capture, Motion Tracking and Visual Effects techniques applied to Videogames or in the cinema.

Development Master

Sant Marc’s own master’s degree that aims to develop a video game from its beginnings: modeling, texturing, unity and programming.

High practical training with 3dsMax, Substance Painter, Unity and others. A total of 308 hours of training with real-time classes, video tutorials, master classes from professionals in the sector, practical exercises and the creation of a video game as a final project.

Visual Narrative

Sant Marc’s own master’s degree that offers the (optional) possibility of complementing the learning of the CFGS ISE1 Cycle with 100 hours of teaching training, with the essential objective of equipping students with the instruments to interpret and recognize the mechanisms that make up audiovisual narration (script, genres, montage), and its interaction with elements typical of the historical and industrial context.

Combining online theory classes with practices, in addition to masterclasses and personalized attention, the course is the perfect accessory for future creators.


The school also generates digital content in the form of a video tutorial that allows both students at the center and professionals in the sector to access learning in a visual and guided manner.

In this way, it is guaranteed that the contents are acquired respecting the user’s learning rhythms and in a practical way.

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Financing: We offer the possibility of financing the Cycle for up to 4 years with an external financial institution. Check options.


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