Events & congresses

The professional training of our students is complemented by talks with mentors, events and conferences in the sector.

Collaborating companies

Some of the collaborating companies when making conferences and collaborations with us to train our students.



Not only is it in our hands to train students academically, but to bring them, in a competitive way, to the business and work world of this field and, therefore, they know which companies and companies offer and create video games at this time.

In this way, each year a trip is proposed to one of the most relevant congresses in the sector that allows them to enjoy and learn in a practical way everything that will make them great experts in the sector. Gamescom Cologne, a totally rich experience for our students.


Game Jam

Annual appointment in which the faculty proposes to the students the basic theme of the project with a week in advance, and these, organized in work teams, have as a milestone the creation of a video game in a weekend. This will have to be competitive to play a computer through Engines such as Unread or Unity, to also create your own assets.

The Game Jam allows us to develop and encourage the creative thinking of our students, the experience of effort under pressure, reaffirm their knowledge of programming, conflict resolution, teamwork and management. Essential ingredients for your professional future.


Nice One Barcelona

The objective of Nice One Barcelona is to present the news of this field, as well as discovering which are the currently relevant products. Also, it allows several developers to share their work with the rest of the professional or consumer group and a meeting point.

Contextualizing learning helps to play with advantage for a better acquisition of knowledge and development of skills to design or create.



This company has made some collaborations in the center, offering conferences from Alex Balcells, CEO of Adver2play. Their objective was to create a space where the students contextualized knowledge acquired in real situations, listening to opinions and experiences first hand, solving doubts, troubles and questions that will help them later.



Daniel Solís, co-founder and CEO of DarkCurry, came to make a conference to explain the great project that Undead Citadel is developing on Steam and Playstation VR.


Freedom Games

Felipe Ruíz director of FreedomGames Studios has visited us to explain his project that aims to promote the integration of the student labor market to produce video games in a professional way, accompanying them at all times.


In recent years, new technologies have more room for our society. In addition, it should be noted that growth is exponential, as well as the consumption of video games. Technology fairs are a good example of the approach of these to all people who are interested. These events give rise to the meeting of video game consumers, developers who create video games and companies that provide them to us. To a lesser extent, they present us with new technologies and resources focused on this technological field.

The objective is to present the novelties of this field, as well as to discover which are the currently relevant products. Also, it allows several developers to share their work with the rest of the professional or consumer group and a meeting point.

The structure of these fairs allows you to discover the latest news from the main brands, play games and be the protagonist of the new XR e-Sports with virtual reality and augmented reality. The ABC newspaper quoted that “Immersive video games are stomping on the renewed BGW.” This event is nothing more than an experience beyond video games.

The students of CFPS Superior Technician in 3D Animations, games and interactive environments (Professional profile in virtual worlds, augmented reality and gamification) attended Nice One Barcelona. The purpose of this outing was to meet with developers to strengthen the creativity of the students. It was an opportunity to offer a space to all of them because they experimented with current video games and, in this way, later achieve better results in their projects. Importance must also be given that, in order for a developer to create a video game, he must know which ones currently have the best result. This allowed us to bring our students closer to the business world in this field.

It is not only in our hands to train them academically, but we approach our students in a competitive way to the business and work world of this field and, therefore, know which companies and companies offer and create video games at this time.


YoungSoulStudio & Glassworks

A selected group of students from the Higher Degree Cycle of 3D Animations, Videogames and VR attended the experience carried out by YoungSoulStudio i Glassworks, E-tron room, a project by Audi. All a great project of experiential communication.


Clará Library

Our students attended a talk organized by ESCAC and held at the Clarà Library on editing by Joan Marimón, director and screenwriter.

He presented us with his new book: Film Editing: From Script to Screen, with which he gave a copy to Nuria Frutos, editing teacher and VFX. In it she details secrets, theoretical rules, language resources, practical aspects, detailed analysis of sequences.


Intern Projects

Internment let us make presentations of the different projects of the students to seek the critical opinion of the entire faculty, as well as of the different mentors that we invite to get more to learn and to generate conflict. In this way, the students finish the training with skills both to clearly explain their projects and to defend them against possible criticism and opinions.


A week before the teachers announced the topic on which the project must be based. Approximately twelve hours spread over two days are allocated to create the video game in teams of two to four members and, at the end, the trophies are released to the students after a verdict. In these, different categories were included that were the objectives that, as teachers, we want to promote in our students.

The fact of contextualizing the learning of our students helps us to play with advantage for a greater acquisition of knowledge and to develop skills to design or create. On the contrary, our educational work is not oriented to transmit knowledge but to generate competent students in this field. The Game Jam has allowed us to work on creative thinking, under the pressure of reduced time, programming, conflict resolution, teamwork and management.


During these two days they have to actively work and generate skills to create a competitive video game to play on a computer using Engines such as Raylib, Unread or Unity, to also create their own assets.

It is necessary for each participant in the group to assume a role that must be developed throughout the Game Jam. Specifically, at least one must have the figure of the programmer and the artist. Finally, they have to present their game, both the concept and the development, and do a small demonstrative gameplay.


In April we took part in this solidarity proposal organized by GameBcn in collaboration with the Canòdrom, sponsored by Social Point and with the support of the Bellvitge Hospital to raise awareness of the need to stop the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. Some of our students participated in developing a video game and, on the other hand, the teachers represented the figure of mentors whose purpose was to guide and help the participants.

The objective of the Fight Covid Jam was to develop a video game with this theme intended for use on mobile devices, for all ages. Reference had to be made to the measures to be taken to cope with the spread of Covid-19.

GameBcn is a non-profit video game studios incubation program promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Barcelona City Council. GameBCN is managed by Peninsula Corporate Innovation.



We each hold two E-Sports competitions where both courses and teachers participate. We believe that this group dynamic helps us to strengthen student relationships both between the same group and between different promotions. In addition, we try to create a climate of trust with teachers in addition to responsibility within the center. Thus, the groups are random and the members are various because they are more homogeneous.

Among the games, some stand out such as League of Legends, Battlefield, Brawlhalla, etc., they are games played by students, and others that are not so much for developing tasks and seeing various mechanics.